Joy Ladin
The Soul of A Stranger: Reading Torah from A Transgender Perspective
Brandeis University Press
November 2018 * ISBN-13: 978-1512602937

Joy Ladin explores fundamental questions about how religious texts, traditions, and the understanding of God can be enriched by transgender perspectives, and how the Torah and trans lives can illuminate one another. Her creative, evocative readings transform our understanding of the Torah’s portrayals of God, humanity, and relationships between them.


Carlos T Mock, MD
The corner Queen — La Loca de La Esquina:  A Romance and A revolution
Floricanto Press
July 2018 * ISBN-10: 1723316032 * ISBN-13: 978-1723316036 * 19.95

In 1950 The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party organized a series of uprisings that took place in various Puerto Rican cities on October 30th. The uprisings were suppressed by strong ground and air military force. For most Americans, these events are unknown. For most Puerto Ricans, they are but another blood stain on our path to nationhood. ‘The Corner Queen — La Loca de la Esquina: A Romance and a Revolution’ narrates the events preceding the revolt — from March to November of 1950 — from the point of view of a drag queen who innocently gets involved with Julio, a student revolutionary


BL Wilson 
Waiting For The Good; Already had the bad 
Patchwork Bluez Press
November  2018 * ASIN: 172884214X * $13.99

Can Annabelle deal with the personalities in her home? Can Annabelle teach Ellison how to live with a disability? Will the attraction between Ellison & Annabelle come to fruition? Find out in #LezRom#


Charlie Bondhus
Divining Bones
Sundress Publications
September 2018 * 978-1939675743/$14

Boys become crones; baked bread becomes a baby; electricity turns out to be Jesus; a first grade class stages Oedipus Rex. At the center of it all stands Baba Yaga, the child-eating forest witch and earth goddess of Russian folklore. Under her tutelage, Charlie Bondhus uses the occult and the magickal to explore the fluidity of age, gender, and self-perception in this radical and playful book.


Lucy Jane Bledsoe
The Evolution of Love, a novel
Rare Bird Books
May 2018 * ISBN 13: 9781945572838  * $16.95

The Evolution of Love features a tribe of survivors-including a couple of feral kids, a bonobo researcher, and several activists-who build community in the wake of a devastating earthquake in the Bay Area.

Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Lava Falls, stories
University of Wisconsin Press
August 2018

The award-winning stories in Lava Falls feature a cast of queer characters who live at the intersection of wilderness, family, and survival. They address our particular moment in human history when so much is failing us and people are scrabbling for
ways to believe in ourselves and our world.


Patrick E. Horrigan
Pennsylvania Station
Lethe Press
April 2018 * 978-1590216361 * $15

While fighting to save New York’s grand old Penn Station from being demolished, a cultured, middle-aged architect falls hard for a vibrant but immature gay activist in this psychologically penetrating novel set against the backdrop of the mid-twentieth-century Civil Rights Movement and the burgeoning Historic Preservation Movement.