Paul Johan Karlsen
The Stormwater Drains in Canberra
Krutt and Plutt Press
December 2015 * ISBN 9780996927208 * $17.95

“A frank, funny, immensely winning novel about a ‘sex pioneer’ exploring the hinterlands of desire.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review and March 2016 Indie Books of the Month Selection)


Julie R. Enszer
Lilith’s Demons
A Midsummer Night’s Press
December 2015 * ISBN 978-1-938334-17-7 * $14.95

Recast as a contemporary embattled woman, Enszer’s Lilith is fiercely independent and determined as well as vulnerable, exposed. Her demons bemoan their obligation to kill, carrying the weight of such actions every minute, every hour of their time on earth. No longer dependent on God or man, Lilith and her demons convey a contemporary feminist cosmology.

BL Wilson

Bayou Bounty, no matter the twists and turns, the trail always leads to the heart
Patchwork Bluez Press
October 2015 * 978-1518675683 * $12.99

Want to spend the day in the swamps of Louisiana hunting for an escaped killer with a female bounty hunter from the city and her all male team? Then you’ll love reading my new romantic thriller.


Lesléa Newman
My Name Is Aviva
Kar-Ben Books
October 2015 * 978-1-4677-2654-2 * $17.99

When Aviva is called “Amoeba”  and “Viva La France” by her classmates, she changes her name to Emily. Her parents go along with her decision, but when “Emily” learns the history and significance of her name, she reconsiders. “…characteristically emphatic, soulful, and wise.” — Publishers Weekly. Winner of the 2015 Sugarman Famly Jewish Children’s Book Award.


Lesléa Newman
Ketzel, The Cat Who Composed
Candlewick Press
October 2015 * 978-0-7636-6555-5  * $16.99

Moshe Cotel is a composer. One day he finds a stray kitten, takes her home and promises that they will “make beautiful music together.” And they do! One day Ketzel walks down Mr. Cotel’s keyboard, he writes down what he hears, and the rest is history. Based on a true story. “Truly the cat’s meow.”—Kirkus Reviews  “An absolute charmer.” — Booklist (starred review). A Junior Library Guild Selection.


Kate Walter
Looking for a Kiss: A Chronicle of Downtown Heartbreak and Healing 
Heliotrope Books * June 2015 * 978-1-942762-02-7

In her debut memoir, journalist Kate Walter explores her recovery from the  sudden breakup of her long lesbian relationship. Set in Greenwich Village, a brave gay woman loses love but finds herself.

Patrick E. Horrigan
Portraits at an Exhibition
Lethe Press * May 2015 * 978-1-59021-477-0 / $18

Afraid he may have contracted HIV the night before during an anonymous sexual encounter, Robin winds his way through the rooms of an art exhibition, studying the portraits of people from faraway places and times, looking for clues in the lives of others to the mystery of his own discontent.


Michael Derison
American Dream: a novel
Boylston Press
April  2015 * ISBN: 978-1505520668 * $12.05/ $4.99

America teeters on anarchy as high-level subversives conspire to exploit a new doomsday weapon in Derison’s international techno-thriller. [T]here’s also a daring, well-executed subplot that  explores two young characters’ same-sex romantic feelings, and the story becomes particularly  poignant when they take center stage… intriguing characters.—Kirkus Reviews

Lesléa Newman
I Carry My Mother 
Headmistress Press  * January, 2015 * 978-0692277058/ $10.00

I Carry My Mother is a book-length cycle of poems that explores a daughter’s journey through her mother’s illness and death. From diagnosis through yahrtzeit (one-year anniversary), the narrator grapples with what it means to lose a mother. Will resonant with all who have lost a loved one.