The Day Rider and Other Stories
J. E. Robinson
Gival Press
October 2013 * ISBN 9781928589877 * $14.64 paperback

Characters “pass” unconventionally, appearing as one race and acculturating as another, as one sexual orientation and moving conveniently into another as affections and conventions dictate, and from morality to immorality, from the oppressed and disadvantaged to being the oppressor and the privileged.


Nets of Wonder

Robert Heylmun
July 2013 * ISBN 9781484826041 * $15.88 paperback, $1.99 Kindle

“Portraying this testy romance, Heylmun paints a vivid panorama of day life in the late ’60s and early ’70s: flamboyant drag queens, bitchy gossip, anonymous bathhouse trysts, preening and predation in New Orlenas gay bars–as well as plenty of ordinary men looking for love beyond one-night stands.” –Kirkus Indy


Ralph G. McFadden
Into the Next Chamber – A Journey Worth Considering 
January 2013 ISBN * 13: 978-1480145665 * $12.50

The living Nautilus is fascinating! This sea creature continues on its life journey by moving always into a new  chamber. Our life existence is in moving ahead.  If we do not build a new chamber we become fatally locked in that “secure cocoon.” This book features experiences of moving ahead.

Alex Alvarez
The One: A Gay Fable
May 2013 * ISBN: 978-1-4817-4089-0 *  $27.99

Vincent sat on the low stone seawall feeling light and content and nothing more. If he tried to picture something more, then he would see a world of sorrow and doubt. There was none of that here. The view was everything. From here he could only move on, to some kind of summit, a climax coming his way.

Linda Bunker

Your Story Matters (Tell It)
May 2013 * ISBN 148418-6419 * $11.98

In 1958 a girl of 16 met a woman of 24. Against all odds and self-inflicted restraints, they selfishly allowed themselves to fall passionately in love. Fifty-five years later they find themselves still hiding this “secret” love. Now, it is time to come “out of the closet.” This autobiographical debut novel details Linda’s life with family, friends and lover assimilating into mainstream while in actuality living in a cocoon. Each chapter begins with a lesson in history, from the American Psychiatric Association adding homosexuality to their list of mental disorders to President Eisenhower’s executive order against homosexuality.