Sally Bellerose
The Girls Club
Bywater Books
August 2011 * ISBN: 978-1-932859-78-2 * $14.95

Sisterhood, buzzword of the seventies. For Catholic working class girls sisterhood covers a multitude of attitudes.  In the decade of opening doors, three sisters love, argue, and struggle their way through adolescence to womanhood, taking in religion, illness, parenting, drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll on the way.

Wayne Hoffman
Sweet Like Sugar
September 2011 * ISBN: 978-0758265623 * $15

Friendship blooms unexpectedly between a young gay man and an elderly Orthodox rabbi in Hoffman’s novel about fate and faith – and Kurt Cobain, suburban class stratification, Space Mountain, the Iraq war, Israeli folkdance, sleepaway camp, Barack Obama, bar culture, the Holocaust, interfaith relationships, Will & Grace, crystal meth, and more.

Michael Derison
Native Moments
Boylston Press
May 2011 * ISBN / Price: 978-1456456955 * Paper, $15.99 / Kindle, $9.99 on

After a chance summer meeting in Europe, Max and Christopher become embroiled in a tumultuous journey of self-discovery. An erotically poetic ride charged with tension and longing and passionate Whitmanesque directness, the love and foibles of its unforgettable characters are celebrated in a demonstrably positive literary voice.

John F. Rooney
Unprotected Love
Senneff House Publishers
February 2011 * 978-0-9752756-1-0 * Paper, $9.95 / Kindle, $5.75 on

A serial killer is on the loose stalking and murdering young male hustlers and depositing their bodies at New York City riverside locations. The predator displays his prey by reverentially laying out each body like the deceased in a casket and decorates them by placing wrapped condoms in their mouths.

Lesléa Newman
Donovan’s Big Day
Tricycle Press (a division of Random House)
April 2011 *ISBN  978-1-58246-332-2  *  $15.99

Donovan’s two moms are getting married! In this celebration of family and marriage, the author of Heather Has Two Mommiescaptures the joy and excitement of a wedding day, while Mike Sutton’s humorous illustrations perfectly capture the day’s events through the eyes of a child.


Aaron Anson
Mind Your Own Life: The Journey Back to Love
Balboa (a division of Hayhouse)
June 2011 * ISBN 9781452532899 * $16.95

Life-enhancing memoir. Anson’s quest for authentic confirmation would lead him on a mystical journey of love, laughter, turmoil and tears. He struggles with denial, depression and acceptance along with the inner conflicts of his own intolerant religious beliefs that embraced conformism over self-awareness. Engagingly dispenses insightful inspirations.