Michael Klein
then, we were still living
GenPop Books
October, 2010 * ISBN – 9780982359419 *  $15.00

“I heard Michael Klein read a poem from what was to become this remarkable collection and thinking that he had gotten to the heart of the new, changed world.  Now, I’m sure of it. Everything in this book is terrifying and beautiful and necessary.  This is a wholly original and essential book.” — Lynn Emanuel

Jane Weiss and Bonnie Zahn
You and No Other
North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.
July 2010 * ISBN: 0-87839-370-6 * $14.95

This story is a brave, compelling revelation of Bonnie and Jane’s decision to follow their souls’ call into a same-sex relationship that demanded leaving their husbands and separating from their families – and then dealing with the consequences of that decision regarding children, careers, and relationships over twenty years.

Stanley Ely
Ten Ways to Your Cat’s Happiness: A Novel
iUniverse, Inc. (Editor’s Choice)
July 2010 * ISBN: 978-1-4502-4228-8 * $15.95

Filled with dialogue, humor, and a concluding serious message, Stanley’s fifth book follows a struggling Manhattan writer escaping poverty with a short book on cat care. While negotiating the bumpy publishing world, he encounters colorful characters and conducts an on-and-off romance with a handsome doctor.

Tim W. Brown
Second Acts
Gival Press
October 2010 * ISBN 978-1-928589-51-8 * $20.00

Second Acts is a comic historical novel set in 1830s America, a time of great social upheaval and reform fervor, not unlike the 1960s. The novel tells the story of a young man, Dan Connor, who has followed his wife Rachel and her lover Bruce Bilson, a University of Chicago physics professor and the inventor of time travel, into the past. In his journey he obtains a mystical sidekick, a Potawatomi transvestite named Listening Rabbit (aka Bunny), and he befriends historical figures such as Albert Gallatin and Samuel J. Tilden. Rachel and Bilson maddeningly stay one step ahead of Connor. But as time moves forward, Connor’s fortunes rise while Bilson’s fall, and Rachel attains fame as a lyceum speaker, the Oprah of antebellum America. Second Acts refutes F. Scott Fitzgerald’s notion that “There are no second acts in American lives.”


Chip Livingtson
Museum of False Starts
Gival Press
March 2010 * ISBN:  978-1928589495 * $15.00
“Chip Livingston, in his first book, Museum of False Starts, makes a distinct trail of poems, through Mvskoke ancestral country, through the maze of American myths, through bars and parties at the edge, through disturbance and awe. What an auspicious beginning!” –Joy Harjo

Lucy Jane Bledsoe
The Big Bang Symphony:  a novel of Antarctica
Terrace Books
May 2010 * ISBN 978-029923500-0 * $24.95, cloth
This is a story about three women–a climate change geologist, a composer, and a galley worker–who have taken jobs in Antarctica. As they each fall in love and into trouble, their lives become more and more entwined–until one crisis binds them in friendship for life.

Carren Strock
A Writer’s Journey: What to Know Before, During, and After Writing a Book
Gray Rabbit Publications
January 2010 * ISBN 978-1-60459-920-6 * $14.99

An English professor told Carren Strock she was not a writer and she didn’t pick up a pen for 15 years. Then she sold her first book to a major publishing house and the second edition to an academic press. In this book she shares what she’s learned along the