Terri Griffith
So Much Better
Green Lantern Press
December 2009 * ISBN: 978-0982029244 * $20
Liz spends her workdays at the Credit Union monitoring the checking account of her former lover, running background checks on herself and avoiding the young girl with whom she’s having an affair. The seemingly minor events of Liz’s life build upon one another until they inevitably implode.

Carren Strock
Married Women Who Love Women , Second Edition
Taylor and Francis’ Routledge imprint
June 2009 * ISBN 978-1-56023-791-4 * $25.00

The second edition of this groundbreaking book brakes the taboo and painful silence of more women by providing new chapters on redefined relationships, single lovers of married women and much more. It provides validation and empowerment to women in their search for true identity, and understanding to those who love them.

G. L. McCarthy
But, Mercury’s Not In Retrograde
Booksurge Publishing
November 2009 * ISBN: 1-4392-5464-8*  $15.99
Description: Alex returns home to find more problems. Why is someone
messing with Cyn’s classic blue Mustang and what does the dark figure in Alex’s latest dream
mean? Will Alex’s new girlfriend be able to help?

Paul G. Bens, Jr.
Kelland: A Novel
Casperian Books
September 2009 * ISBN: 1-934081-19-1 / 978-1-934081-19-8 * $15.00
Description: A family evacuated from Saigon during the final days of the Viet
Nam War….a devoutly Catholic child troubled by visions both sacred and profane…
a couple drifting apart following a tragedy. Kelland appears to them all in various
guises. An enigma, a puzzle, and an almost imperceptible presence, Kelland is
violence, sorrow, joy and the common thread tying five disparate strangers together.