Leo Shelton
Soul-full – Poetry
Tugson Press
December 2007 * ISBN: 0979178614 * $12.00
Description: Soul-full is a deep, articulate and intense love affair between two poets! Another insightful, penetrating look into the talents of a deep and personable writer, Soul-full is about spiritual connections, respect, admiration, and is an emotionally charged dialogue that resonates through deep truths and movements of words.

Leo Shelton
MBG – Men Who are Black and Happen to be Gay
Tugson Press
December 2007 * ISBN: 0979178622 * $10.00
Description: MBG is a humorous look at stereotypes, those people put on themselves, and that sometimes culminate from those we put on others. They often become unwritten rules, even lifestyles or those ever-funny true-isms for how we live, love and laugh.

Lori L. Lake
Shimmer and Other Stories
Regal Crest
November 2007 * ISBN: 9781932300956 * $11.95
Description: Five stories of hope and loss, lovers and found family that Ann Bannon calls “pure gold.” The characters are unsettled, adrift, and often disillusioned, but even the most hard-bitten still have hope as they wrestle with their devils, face up to their own errors, and discover their true worth.

Len Richmond
Naked in Paradise
Sybaritic Press
October 2007 * $11.95
Description: Recovering from the break-up of a three-year relationship with the handsome, hard drinking Mikey, the author tries gay personal ads—but only ends up deflowering curious straight men. A few months later, he meets Kieran, a formerly celibate college guy, precisely half his age, who’s trying out new sex, new drugs, and new experiences. Kieran may be the salvation he’s searching for, but first he needs to get over his obsession with Mikey—a revolving-door lover. Eventually, an affectionate ménage a trios develops between this trio of erotic neurotics, and the question becomes, can they navigate the choppy waters of a three-way relationship without rules?

Austin Alexis
Lover and Drag Queens
Poets Wear Prada Press
September 2007 * $6
Description: This is a chapbook of poems concerning romance and sexuality, broadly defined, and also a series of portraits of unusual people.

Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Biting the Apple
Carroll & Graf
September 2007 * ISBN-13: 978-0-78671-927-3
Description: Eve Glass, once an Olympic sprinter, is now a life coach. Unfortunately, her kleptomaniac tendencies are intensifying and her first girlfriend has begun stalking her. Biting the Apple pokes fun at some of our dearest held postmodern ideas about the existence of a true self and humanity as product.

John F. Rooney
The Rice Queen Spy
Senneff House Publishers
September, 2007 * ISBN: 0975275666 * $14.95
Description: A gay, erotic novel in which Philip Croft, a spy for Her Majesty’s secret service is cruelly outed and tortured for his homosexuality. This novel traces Philip’s life and his loves, and is a triumphant testimony to a gay man’s passage through life as a rice queen-partial to Asian men.

Perry Brass
Carnal Sacraments, A Historical Novel of the Future
Belhue Press
May 2007 * ISBN 978-1-892149-05-3 * $16.95
Description: Futurist Faustian pact: 2075. Jeffrey Cooper, Alabama-raised design superstar in Americanized Germany, is 78 but looks 40 years younger due to the perks of his stressful job. Meeting an impulsive, gifted man will destroy the life he has painfully built for himself, but allow him to reclaim his own soul.

Joan Larkin
My Body: New and Selected Poems
Hanging Loose
May 2007 * ISBN 978-1-931236-74-4 * $16.00
Description: In four decades of poems, Larkin takes on love and death, family and sexuality in a voice that is unsentimental, ruthless and clear-eyed. Larkin offers no false hopes, no resolutions, except to reflect, as honestly and directly as she can, the complicated, at times uncontrollable, messiness of being alive.

Beren deMotier
The Brides of March: Memoir of a Same-Sex Marriage
April 2007 * ISBN 978-0-595-43987-4 * $15.95
Description: The Brides of March drove mini-vans, paid taxes, bought braces, and joined the PTA, never expecting the phone call in March, 2004, that would send them leaping through the suddenly opened window of same-sex marriage, with their kids along for the raucous ride.

Leo Shelton
RHYTHMS–Poetry and Muse
Tugson Press
April 2007 * ISBN: 0979178606 * $12.00
Description: The ramblings of the joys of life, the lust of loins, the beat of loves’ heart, and the somber tears of sorrow and loss, create soulful rhythms that can be heard and felt deeply. Realistic musings of both challenges and glories … of life!

C. Dale Young
The Second Person
Four Way Books
April 2007 * ISBN: 1884800769 * $14.95
Description: In The Second Person, we encounter the searing presence of the Beloved—a “you” that seems to advance and retreat from the gaze of both the speaker and the reader. Employing the careful emotion of Constantine Cavafy and the realism lying beneath Oscar Wilde’s comic epigrams, Young has crafted a contemplative book of poems both wise and willing to learn.

Matthew Zender
Real Family
March 2007 * ISBN 9781425976811 * $19.99
Description: This is a story about relationships. 5 childhood friends deal with life and the many revolving relationships that come and go. See how choices, events and decisions help shape who they become.

Jim Tushinski and Jim Van Buskirk, eds.
Identity Envy – Wanting to Be Who We’re Not: Creative Nonfiction by Queer Writers
Harrington Park Press
February 2007 * ISBN: 1-56023-587-X * $19.95
Description: Lesbian, gay, and bisexual writers explore attachments to religions, races, ethnicities, genders, classes, and families of origin not their own. Includes work by Perry Brass, D. Travers Scott, Jeff Mann, Joan Annsfire, Renate Stendhal, John Gilgun, Daniel M. Jaffe, Max Pierce, and others.