Kathleen Warnock
Rock the Line
United Stages
December 2006 * ISBN: 9781597830195 * $11.50
Description: In a parking lot outside of a seedy dive, seven hardcore fans await the arrival of their rock and roll heroine. This full-length play is the “Moon Children” for rebel girls and misfit boys in search of authenticity and passion. Fierce, funny, violent, and touching, written by a multi-award-winning playwright.

Richard Labonté and Lawrence Schimel, editors
The Future Is Queer: A Science Fiction Anthology
Arsenal Pulp Press
November 2006 * ISBN 1-55152-209-8 * $17.95
Description: The first of its kind in a decade, The Future Is Queer boldly explores the limitless possibilities of future socieites grappling with issues like cloning, gene manipulation, and gender assignment. These are not stories of little green men and space station discos but ask the question, will life be any different?

Robert Marshall
A Separate Reality
Carroll & Graf
November 2006 * 14.95
Description:Set in the early seventies, A Separate Reality is the story of Mark Grosfeld, an effeminate twelve year old who reads the works of pseudo-anthropologist Carlos Castaneda and tries unsuccessfully to apply them to life in middle school.

Vittoria Repetto
Not Just A Personal Ad
Guernica Editions
October 2006 * ISBN 1-55071-244-6 * $13.00
Description: From the first poem where she places her grandparents young and in love right in front of us, to “she’s doing the dishes” where in a tongue in cheek delivery she eroticizes a simple household chore, Vittoria Repetto casts an unapologetically direct and witty eye on life’s complexity.

Matty Lee
35 Cents
Suspect Thoughts Press
September 2006 * ISBN: 0-9771582-2-5 * $16.95
Description: 35 Cents is the story of a straight, young, white boy growing up and coming of age as he hustles his way both through the gay community and the juvenile-detention system of South Florida in the late 1980s. “This memoir cuts through the crap with all the wild, touching, erotic insanity of the truth.”–Todd Haynes

Michael Vieira
Green With Envy
September 2006 * ISBN-10: 1-60145-036-2 / ISBN-13: 978-1-60145-036-4 * $14.95
Description: Green With Envy is a gay mystery that takes place in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. Steve Armstrong and his best friend katherine Bishop help police solve the murder of a neighbor. A number of suspects are entangled in a web of deceit and intimate relationships.

Lewis DeSimone
Harrington Park Press
June 2006 * ISBN 1-56023-559-4 * $19.95
Description: “This exquisite novel . . . is a page-turning account about a gay couple whose dream come true relationship is threatened when one partner begins to succumb to the effects of mental illness. This unconventional love story is sexy, literary, and extremely touching.”—Rigoberto González, Lambda Book Report

Nick Nolan
Strings Attached
Booksurge/Little Eden Press
June 2006 * ISBN: 1419628895 * $14.95
Description: In this adaptation of Pinocchio, a slum-dwelling teenageer is thrown into a posh beachside locale, where he makes a wish to become a “real man” instead of being gay. “Ingenious, modern, and utterly mesmerizing … Strings Attached transcends genre and is simply a great story.”–Kathleen McGowan, author of The Expected One

Tim Steffen and Susan Ann Thornton
The Adventures of Baby Cat in Cherry Grove: Home Sweet Home
Baby Cat Books
June 2006 * ISBN 0977951804 * $15.00
Description: Lily is a prowler, a meower, the queen of cat power. In this first installment of the children’s Baby Cat book series, the adorable, precocious Lily offers a humorous and enlightening point of view on her first year in a gay beach community called Cherry Grove. Visit www.baby-cat.com.


Catherine Friend
Hit By a Farm: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Barn
Marlowe & Company
May 2006 * ISBN 1569242984 * $14.95
Description: Garrison Keillor described this memoir in a January New York Times Book Review: “I ration out ten pages a day because I’ll feel bereft when it’s gone: it’s a memoir of two lesbians who go into sheep farming in Minnesota and I just really like both of them.”

Trebor Healey
Sweet Son of Pan
Suspect Thoughts Press
May 2006 * ISBN: 0-9771582-1-7 * $12.95
Description: “Trebor Healey creates a magical world where peace is sanctioned by sexuality and everyone is welcome to his poetic orgy. This book brims with bodily fluids and seduces the reader with brilliant humor and irresistible imagery.” –Emanuel Xavier

Wayne Hoffman
Carroll & Graf
May 2006 * ISBN 0786716606 * $14.95
Description: A crackdown on gay businesses leaves activists split over what it means to be a gay man in the age of AIDS. From backrooms to newsrooms, the Meatrack to City Hall, Hard explores a world where sex is a matter of life or death, and politics make the strangest bedfellows.

Charles Winecoff
Anthony Perkins: Split Image
Alyson Books / Advocate Life Stories
May 2006 * ISBN-10: 1555839509; ISBN-13: 9781555839505 * $16.95
Description: This definitive, landmark biography details the complicated journey of the closeted Psycho star and illuminates his lifelong search for acceptance. Newly revised and updated, this tenth anniversary edition features a foreword by Village Voice columnist Michael Musto – and a new epilogue addressing the murder of Perkins’s widow in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Jim Van Buskirk (co-author with Will Shank)
Celluloid San Francisco: The Film Lover’s Guide to Bay Area Movie Locations
Chicago Review Press
April 2006 * ISBN: 1556525923 * $16.95
Description: This comprehensive guide to hundreds of movie and television locations in the San Francisco Bay Area includes maps, vintage and contemporary photographs, and film stills to help identify significant historical film sites, movie palaces, and production companies, making this travel guide a winner for planning a tour of cinematic locales.

Martin Hyatt
A Scarecrow’s Bible
Suspect Thoughts Press
March 2006 * ISBN: 0-9763411-4-X * $16.95
Description: “Martin Hyatt’s narrative tour de force takes us deep into the unchronicled heart of rural working-class gay life in the Deep South. Hyatt is a merciless, merciful storyteller, showing us the people sacrificed to bigotry, and those who snatched themselves, scarred and beautiful, out of its murderous jaws.”–Minnie Bruce Pratt