Trish Shields
Spirit Harvest
Dare 2 Dream Publishing
December 2003 * ISBN 097168287 * $15.00
Description: Spirit Harvest is Trish’s second book of poetry. She was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for her book ‘Soul Speak’ in 2001. Spirit Harvest merges erotica with mainstream poetry to make for a unique collection.

Trish Shields
Baycrest Books
December 2003 * ISBN 0972845011 * $17.95
Description: Chicago in the summertime can be a tinderbox. Dray Khalkousa, a firefighter from a local fire hall meets Abby Deam and what starts as an ardent affair soon deepens into a soul connection that neither woman can explain or deny. As the layers that hide the tormented heart and soul of the firefighter are slowly peeled away, Abby realizes that she’s not the only one who needs saving.

Ellis Avery
The Smoke Week: Sept. 11-21, 2001
Gival Press
October 2003 * 1-928589-24-3 * Price: $15.00
Description: Avery’s turn de force memoir aims to take the events of 9/11 away from warmongers. “Ellis Avery’s personal story of a few days in September, 2001, gives expression to our national suffering. Here is Witness. Here is Testimony.”–Maxine Hong Kingston.

Perry Brass
The Substance of God, A Spiritual Thriller
Belhue Press
October 2003 * 1-892149-04-4 * $13.95
Description: What is “God”? Murdered gay bio-researcher Leonard Miller is revived by a substance Christian fundamentalist terrorists insist belongs to God. Amidst a web of fanatic intrigue, Miller asks: is our often-censored urge towards sex and towards God … the same urge? “Good light reading.” Richard Labonte, Book Marks. Also a 2004 Lambda Literary Award nominee.

David Garrett Izzo
A Change of Heart
Gival Press
October 2003 * 1-928589-18-9 * $20.00
Description: “Here are the young Christopher Isherwood, Wysten Auden and Stephen Spender, as well as the celebrated Aldous Huxley and D. H. Lawrence…Izzo creates the lives and loves of young and established writers and artists, along with their artistic, philosophic and political battles.”–James J. Berg.

Ian Philips
Satyriasis: Literotica²
Suspect Thoughts Press
October 2003 * 0-9710846-5-3 * $16.95
Description: In Satyriasis, Ian Philips kidnaps Flaubert, Mark Twain, and the Marquis de Sade. He stuffs them in the trunk of his getaway car with a bottle of lube and a wooden paddle. Then he drives them cross-country. His voice is smart, funny, and totally filthy. Yum.

Myles Weber
Middlebrow Annoyances: American Drama in the 21st Century
Gival Press
October 2003 * 1-928598-20-0 * $20.00
Description: Weber provides insight and wit about Albee, Kushner, David Mamet, among others. “In these beautifully written and provocative pieces. Myles Weber introduces us to and writes knowledgeably about a wide range of American and English plays and playwrights.”–Jackson R. Bryer. Martha Cornog The Big Book of Masturbation: From Angst to Zeal Down There Press August 2003 ISBN 0-940208-29-6 $22.00 Description: Unique mix of myth-busting fact and multi-disciplinary ideas about masturbation throughout history and culture, compiled with savvy analysis and entertaining commentary. Couples intriguing quotations from some surprising sources in scholarship and literature with contemporary history and trends. Includes notes, bibliography, and glossary.