By turns profane and profound, this book-length monologue from first-time London-based novelist Katharina Volckmer is from an unnamed middle-aged German woman to one Dr. Seligman, who is performing an operation on her vagina. In order to relax herself and pass the time, she takes the doctor on a rambling personal travelogue whose stops include Hitlerian sexual fantasies, ruminations on sex toys, outrageous takes on the Holocaust, her search for a cock, and how to masturbate with red squirrel tails. This is one appointment you might very well be sorry to miss.

The Appointment, by Katharina Volckmer. Published by Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster. The editor is Lauren Wein. The Appointment is a finalist for the Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBTQ Fiction, presented by the Ferro-Grumley Foundation in conjunction with the Publishing Triangle; the winner will be announced on May 12.