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Sally Bellerose
The Girls Club

Bywater Books
August 2011 * ISBN: 978-1-932859-78-2 * $14.95

Sisterhood, buzzword of the seventies. For Catholic working class girls

sisterhood covers a multitude of attitudes.  In the decade of opening doors,
three sisters love, argue, and struggle their way through adolescence to
womanhood, taking in religion, illness, parenting, drugs, sex, and rock'n'roll on the way.

Wayne Hoffman
Sweet Like Sugar

September 2011 * ISBN: 978-0758265623 * $15

Friendship blooms unexpectedly between a young gay man and an elderly

Orthodox rabbi in Hoffman’s novel about fate and faith – and Kurt Cobain,
suburban class stratification, Space Mountain, the Iraq war, Israeli
folkdance, sleepaway camp, Barack Obama, bar culture, the Holocaust,
interfaith relationships, Will & Grace, crystal meth, and more.

Michael Derison
Native Moments

Boylston Press
May 2011 * ISBN / Price: 978-1456456955 * Paper, $15.99 / Kindle, $9.99 on

After a chance summer meeting in Europe, Max and Christopher become embroiled in a

tumultuous journey of self-discovery. An erotically poetic ride charged with tension
and longing and passionate Whitmanesque directness, the love and foibles of its
unforgettable characters are celebrated in a demonstrably positive literary voice.

John F. Rooney
Unprotected Love

Senneff House Publishers
February 2011 * 978-0-9752756-1-0 * Paper, $9.95 / Kindle, $5.75 on

A serial killer is on the loose stalking and murdering young male hustlers

and depositing their bodies at New York City riverside locations. The
predator displays his prey by reverentially laying out each body like the
deceased in a casket and decorates them by placing wrapped condoms in their

Lesléa Newman
Donovan's Big Day
Tricycle Press (a division of Random House)
April 2011 * ISBN  978-1-58246-332-2  *  $15.99

Donovan's two moms are getting married! In this celebration of family and marriage, the author of Heather Has Two Mommies captures the joy and excitement of a wedding day, while Mike Sutton's humorous illustrations perfectly capture the day's events through the eyes of a child.

Aaron Anson  

Mind Your Own Life: The Journey Back to Love  

Balboa (a division of Hayhouse)  

June 2011 * ISBN 9781452532899 * $16.95


Life-enhancing memoir. Anson's quest for authentic confirmation would lead him on a mystical journey of love, laughter, turmoil and tears. He struggles with denial, depression and acceptance along with the inner conflicts of his own intolerant religious beliefs that embraced conformism over self-awareness. Engagingly dispenses insightful inspirations.

Michael Klein
then, we were still living

GenPop Books
October, 2010 * ISBN - 9780982359419 *  $15.00

"I heard Michael Klein read a poem from what was to become this remarkable collection and thinking that he had gotten to the heart of the new, changed world.  Now, I'm sure of it. Everything in this book is terrifying and beautiful and necessary.  This is a wholly original and essential book." -- Lynn Emanuel

Jane Weiss and Bonnie Zahn
You and No Other

North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.
July 2010 * ISBN: 0-87839-370-6 * $14.95

This story is a brave, compelling revelation of Bonnie and Jane's decision to follow their souls' call into a same-sex relationship that demanded leaving their husbands and separating from their families - and then dealing with the consequences of that decision regarding children, careers, and relationships over twenty years.

Stanley Ely
Ten Ways to Your Cat's Happiness: A Novel

iUniverse, Inc. (Editor's Choice)
July 2010 * ISBN: 978-1-4502-4228-8 * $15.95

Filled with dialogue, humor, and a concluding serious message, Stanley's fifth book follows a struggling Manhattan writer escaping poverty with a short book on cat care. While negotiating the bumpy publishing world, he encounters colorful characters and conducts an on-and-off romance with a handsome doctor.

Tim W. Brown
Second Acts

Gival Press
October 2010 * ISBN 978-1-928589-51-8 * $20.00

Second Acts is a comic historical novel set in 1830s America, a time of great social upheaval and reform fervor, not unlike the 1960s. The novel tells the story of a young man, Dan Connor, who has followed his wife Rachel and her lover Bruce Bilson, a University of Chicago physics professor and the inventor of time travel, into the past. In his journey he obtains a mystical sidekick, a Potawatomi transvestite named Listening Rabbit (aka Bunny), and he befriends historical figures such as Albert Gallatin and Samuel J. Tilden. Rachel and Bilson maddeningly stay one step ahead of Connor. But as time moves forward, Connor’s fortunes rise while Bilson’s fall, and Rachel attains fame as a lyceum speaker, the Oprah of antebellum America. Second Acts refutes F. Scott Fitzgerald’s notion that “There are no second acts in American lives.”

Chip Livingtson
Museum of False Starts

Gival Press
March 2010 * ISBN:  978-1928589495 * $15.00
"Chip Livingston, in his first book, Museum of False Starts, makes a distinct trail of poems, through Mvskoke ancestral country, through the maze of American myths, through bars and parties at the edge, through disturbance and awe. What an auspicious beginning!" --Joy Harjo

Terri Griffith
So Much Better

Green Lantern Press
December 2009 * ISBN: 978-0982029244 * $20
Liz spends her workdays at the Credit Union monitoring the checking account of her former lover, running background checks on herself and avoiding the young girl with whom she’s having an affair. The seemingly minor events of Liz’s life build upon one another until they inevitably implode.

Lucy Jane Bledsoe
The Big Bang Symphony:  a novel of Antarctica

Terrace Books
May 2010 * ISBN 978-029923500-0 * $24.95, cloth
This is a story about three women--a climate change geologist, a composer, and a galley worker--who have taken jobs in Antarctica. As they each fall in love and into trouble, their lives become more and more entwined--until one crisis binds them in friendship for life.

Carren Strock

A Writer's Journey: What to Know Before, During, and After Writing a Book

Gray Rabbit Publications
January 2010 * ISBN 978-1-60459-920-6 * $14.99

An English professor told Carren Strock she was not a writer and she didn't pick up a pen for 15 years. Then she sold her first book to a major publishing house and the second edition to an academic press. In this book she shares what she's learned along the


Carren Strock
Married Women Who Love Women
, Second Edition
Taylor and Francis' Routledge imprint
June 2009 * ISBN 978-1-56023-791-4 * $25.00

The second edition of this groundbreaking book brakes the taboo and painful silence of more women by providing new chapters on redefined relationships, single lovers of married women and much more. It provides validation and empowerment to women in their search for true identity, and understanding to those who love them.

G. L. McCarthy
But, Mercury’s Not In Retrograde

Booksurge Publishing
November 2009 * ISBN: 1-4392-5464-8*  $15.99
Description: Alex returns home to find more problems. Why is someone
messing with Cyn’s classic blue Mustang and what does the dark figure in Alex’s latest dream
mean? Will Alex’s new girlfriend be able to help?

Paul G. Bens, Jr.
Kelland: A Novel

Casperian Books
September 2009 * ISBN: 1-934081-19-1 / 978-1-934081-19-8 * $15.00
Description: A family evacuated from Saigon during the final days of the Viet
Nam War....a devoutly Catholic child troubled by visions both sacred and profane...
a couple drifting apart following a tragedy. Kelland appears to them all in various
guises. An enigma, a puzzle, and an almost imperceptible presence, Kelland is
violence, sorrow, joy and the common thread tying five disparate strangers together.

Frank Holland

Xlibris Corp.
December 2008 * ISBN 978-1-4363-6937-4 * $23.99 (paperback), $34.99 (hardback)
Description: Against the background of forbidden gay bars and the need to lead double lives a half century ago, the secret relationship between two gay men is further complicated when they must take care of the mother of one of them who is dying.

Lesléa Newman
Nobody's Mother

Orchard House Press
November 2008 * ISBN 978-1-59092-695-6 * $11.99
Description: Lesléa Newman, the current Poet Laureate of Northampton, MA gives us a new poetry collection that explores mother/daughter relationships, family dynamics, cultural and sexual identity, and aging and loss. "Lesléa Newman has given us a strong book of carefully crafted poems that never run dry." -- Marge Piercy

Paul G. Bens, Jr.
Mahape a ale Wala'au

Torquere Press
February 2008 * ISBN 978-60370-279-9
Description: On the Island of O'ahu, vacationing Toshi meets the Speedo-clad Kristopher, a stunning Hawaiian student who sometimes needs "to be a little less" than his serious life affords him to be. As the two embark upon a sensual game throughout the streets of Waikiki, Toshi learns that sometimes he needs to be "something more" than he has let himself be.

Michael Boyd
Forever the Fat Kid

Trafford Publishing
January 2008 * ISBN: 978-1-4251-3945-2 * $18.00
Description: A memoir exploring how issues of weight, race, sexuality and family dysfunction play out in one man's search for happiness... (and success in musical theater!).

Leo Shelton
Soul-full - Poetry

Tugson Press
December 2007 * ISBN: 0979178614 * $12.00
Description: Soul-full is a deep, articulate and intense love affair between two poets! Another insightful, penetrating look into the talents of a deep and personable writer, Soul-full is about spiritual connections, respect, admiration, and is an emotionally charged dialogue that resonates through deep truths and movements of words.

Leo Shelton
MBG - Men Who are Black and Happen to be Gay

Tugson Press
December 2007 * ISBN: 0979178622 * $10.00
Description: MBG is a humorous look at stereotypes, those people put on themselves, and that sometimes culminate from those we put on others. They often become unwritten rules, even lifestyles or those ever-funny true-isms for how we live, love and laugh.

Lori L. Lake
Shimmer and Other Stories

Regal Crest
November 2007 * ISBN: 9781932300956 * $11.95
Description: Five stories of hope and loss, lovers and found family that Ann Bannon calls "pure gold." The characters are unsettled, adrift, and often disillusioned, but even the most hard-bitten still have hope as they wrestle with their devils, face up to their own errors, and discover their true worth.

Len Richmond
Naked in Paradise

Sybaritic Press
October 2007 * $11.95
Description: Recovering from the break-up of a three-year relationship with the handsome, hard drinking Mikey, the author tries gay personal ads—but only ends up deflowering curious straight men. A few months later, he meets Kieran, a formerly celibate college guy, precisely half his age, who’s trying out new sex, new drugs, and new experiences. Kieran may be the salvation he’s searching for, but first he needs to get over his obsession with Mikey—a revolving-door lover. Eventually, an affectionate ménage a trios develops between this trio of erotic neurotics, and the question becomes, can they navigate the choppy waters of a three-way relationship without rules?

Austin Alexis
Lover and Drag Queens

Poets Wear Prada Press
September 2007 * $6
Description: This is a chapbook of poems concerning romance and sexuality, broadly defined, and also a series of portraits of unusual people.

Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Biting the Apple

Carroll & Graf
September 2007 * ISBN-13: 978-0-78671-927-3
Description: Eve Glass, once an Olympic sprinter, is now a life coach. Unfortunately, her kleptomaniac tendencies are intensifying and her first girlfriend has begun stalking her. Biting the Apple pokes fun at some of our dearest held postmodern ideas about the existence of a true self and humanity as product.

John F. Rooney
The Rice Queen Spy

Senneff House Publishers
September, 2007 * ISBN: 0975275666 * $14.95
Description: A gay, erotic novel in which Philip Croft, a spy for Her Majesty's secret service is cruelly outed and tortured for his homosexuality. This novel traces Philip's life and his loves, and is a triumphant testimony to a gay man's passage through life as a rice queen-partial to Asian men.

Perry Brass
Carnal Sacraments, A Historical Novel of the Future

Belhue Press
May 2007 * ISBN 978-1-892149-05-3 * $16.95
Description: Futurist Faustian pact: 2075. Jeffrey Cooper, Alabama-raised design superstar in Americanized Germany, is 78 but looks 40 years younger due to the perks of his stressful job. Meeting an impulsive, gifted man will destroy the life he has painfully built for himself, but allow him to reclaim his own soul.

Joan Larkin
My Body: New and Selected Poems

Hanging Loose
May 2007 * ISBN 978-1-931236-74-4 * $16.00
Description: In four decades of poems, Larkin takes on love and death, family and sexuality in a voice that is unsentimental, ruthless and clear-eyed. Larkin offers no false hopes, no resolutions, except to reflect, as honestly and directly as she can, the complicated, at times uncontrollable, messiness of being alive.

Beren deMotier
The Brides of March: Memoir of a Same-Sex Marriage

April 2007 * ISBN 978-0-595-43987-4 * $15.95
Description: The Brides of March drove mini-vans, paid taxes, bought braces, and joined the PTA, never expecting the phone call in March, 2004, that would send them leaping through the suddenly opened window of same-sex marriage, with their kids along for the raucous ride.

Leo Shelton
RHYTHMS–Poetry and Muse

Tugson Press
April 2007 * ISBN: 0979178606 * $12.00
Description: The ramblings of the joys of life, the lust of loins, the beat of loves’ heart, and the somber tears of sorrow and loss, create soulful rhythms that can be heard and felt deeply. Realistic musings of both challenges and glories … of life!

C. Dale Young
The Second Person

Four Way Books
April 2007 * ISBN: 1884800769 * $14.95
Description: In The Second Person, we encounter the searing presence of the Beloved—a "you" that seems to advance and retreat from the gaze of both the speaker and the reader. Employing the careful emotion of Constantine Cavafy and the realism lying beneath Oscar Wilde's comic epigrams, Young has crafted a contemplative book of poems both wise and willing to learn.

Matthew Zender
Real Family

March 2007 * ISBN 9781425976811 * $19.99
Description: This is a story about relationships. 5 childhood friends deal with life and the many revolving relationships that come and go. See how choices, events and decisions help shape who they become.

Jim Tushinski and Jim Van Buskirk, eds.
Identity Envy - Wanting to Be Who We're Not: Creative Nonfiction by Queer Writers

Harrington Park Press
February 2007 * ISBN: 1-56023-587-X * $19.95
Description: Lesbian, gay, and bisexual writers explore attachments to religions, races, ethnicities, genders, classes, and families of origin not their own. Includes work by Perry Brass, D. Travers Scott, Jeff Mann, Joan Annsfire, Renate Stendhal, John Gilgun, Daniel M. Jaffe, Max Pierce, and others.

Kathleen Warnock
Rock the Line

United Stages
December 2006 * ISBN: 9781597830195 * $11.50
Description: In a parking lot outside of a seedy dive, seven hardcore fans await the arrival of their rock and roll heroine. This full-length play is the "Moon Children" for rebel girls and misfit boys in search of authenticity and passion. Fierce, funny, violent, and touching, written by a multi-award-winning playwright.

Richard Labonté and Lawrence Schimel, editors
The Future Is Queer: A Science Fiction Anthology

Arsenal Pulp Press
November 2006 * ISBN 1-55152-209-8 * $17.95
Description: The first of its kind in a decade, The Future Is Queer boldly explores the limitless possibilities of future socieites grappling with issues like cloning, gene manipulation, and gender assignment. These are not stories of little green men and space station discos but ask the question, will life be any different?

Robert Marshall
A Separate Reality

Carroll & Graf
November 2006 * 14.95
Description:Set in the early seventies, A Separate Reality is the story of Mark Grosfeld, an effeminate twelve year old who reads the works of pseudo-anthropologist Carlos Castaneda and tries unsuccessfully to apply them to life in middle school.

Vittoria Repetto
Not Just A Personal Ad

Guernica Editions
October 2006 * ISBN 1-55071-244-6 * $13.00
Description: From the first poem where she places her grandparents young and in love right in front of us, to "she's doing the dishes" where in a tongue in cheek delivery she eroticizes a simple household chore, Vittoria Repetto casts an unapologetically direct and witty eye on life's complexity.

Matty Lee
35 Cents

Suspect Thoughts Press
September 2006 * ISBN: 0-9771582-2-5 * $16.95
Description: 35 Cents is the story of a straight, young, white boy growing up and coming of age as he hustles his way both through the gay community and the juvenile-detention system of South Florida in the late 1980s. “This memoir cuts through the crap with all the wild, touching, erotic insanity of the truth.”--Todd Haynes

Michael Vieira
Green With Envy

September 2006 * ISBN-10: 1-60145-036-2 / ISBN-13: 978-1-60145-036-4 * $14.95
Description: Green With Envy is a gay mystery that takes place in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. Steve Armstrong and his best friend katherine Bishop help police solve the murder of a neighbor. A number of suspects are entangled in a web of deceit and intimate relationships.

Lewis DeSimone

Harrington Park Press
June 2006 * ISBN 1-56023-559-4 * $19.95
Description: “This exquisite novel . . . is a page-turning account about a gay couple whose dream come true relationship is threatened when one partner begins to succumb to the effects of mental illness. This unconventional love story is sexy, literary, and extremely touching.”—Rigoberto González, Lambda Book Report

Nick Nolan
Strings Attached

Booksurge/Little Eden Press
June 2006 * ISBN: 1419628895 * $14.95
Description: In this adaptation of Pinocchio, a slum-dwelling teenageer is thrown into a posh beachside locale, where he makes a wish to become a "real man" instead of being gay. "Ingenious, modern, and utterly mesmerizing ... Strings Attached transcends genre and is simply a great story."--Kathleen McGowan, author of The Expected One

Tim Steffen and Susan Ann Thornton
The Adventures of Baby Cat in Cherry Grove: Home Sweet Home

Baby Cat Books
June 2006 * ISBN 0977951804 * $15.00
Description: Lily is a prowler, a meower, the queen of cat power. In this first installment of the children's Baby Cat book series, the adorable, precocious Lily offers a humorous and enlightening point of view on her first year in a gay beach community called Cherry Grove. Visit

Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia, eds.
Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Lesbian Cowboy Erotica

Suspect Thoughts Press
July 2005 * ISBN: 0976341107 * $16.95
Description: Rode Hard, Put Away Wet has gathered realistic lesbian cowboy stories. No urban cowboy crap. No wannabe Yahoos. This is authentic, get-real, can-smell-and-feel-the-leather-and-taste-the-grit, “working” cowboy lore, nowadays or historical, and totally erotic.

Catherine Friend
Hit By a Farm: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Barn

Marlowe & Company
May 2006 * ISBN 1569242984 * $14.95
Description: Garrison Keillor described this memoir in a January New York Times Book Review: "I ration out ten pages a day because I'll feel bereft when it's gone: it's a memoir of two lesbians who go into sheep farming in Minnesota and I just really like both of them."

Trebor Healey
Sweet Son of Pan

Suspect Thoughts Press
May 2006 * ISBN: 0-9771582-1-7 * $12.95
Description: “Trebor Healey creates a magical world where peace is sanctioned by sexuality and everyone is welcome to his poetic orgy. This book brims with bodily fluids and seduces the reader with brilliant humor and irresistible imagery.” --Emanuel Xavier

Wayne Hoffman

Carroll & Graf
May 2006 * ISBN 0786716606 * $14.95
Description: A crackdown on gay businesses leaves activists split over what it means to be a gay man in the age of AIDS. From backrooms to newsrooms, the Meatrack to City Hall, Hard explores a world where sex is a matter of life or death, and politics make the strangest bedfellows.

Charles Winecoff
Anthony Perkins: Split Image

Alyson Books / Advocate Life Stories
May 2006 * ISBN-10: 1555839509; ISBN-13: 9781555839505 * $16.95
Description: This definitive, landmark biography details the complicated journey of the closeted Psycho star and illuminates his lifelong search for acceptance. Newly revised and updated, this tenth anniversary edition features a foreword by Village Voice columnist Michael Musto - and a new epilogue addressing the murder of Perkins's widow in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Jim Van Buskirk (co-author with Will Shank)
Celluloid San Francisco: The Film Lover’s Guide to Bay Area Movie Locations

Chicago Review Press
April 2006 * ISBN: 1556525923 * $16.95
Description: This comprehensive guide to hundreds of movie and television locations in the San Francisco Bay Area includes maps, vintage and contemporary photographs, and film stills to help identify significant historical film sites, movie palaces, and production companies, making this travel guide a winner for planning a tour of cinematic locales.

Martin Hyatt
A Scarecrow's Bible

Suspect Thoughts Press
March 2006 * ISBN: 0-9763411-4-X * $16.95
Description: “Martin Hyatt’s narrative tour de force takes us deep into the unchronicled heart of rural working-class gay life in the Deep South. Hyatt is a merciless, merciful storyteller, showing us the people sacrificed to bigotry, and those who snatched themselves, scarred and beautiful, out of its murderous jaws.”--Minnie Bruce Pratt

Michael Lassell
DECORATE: Insider's Tips from Top Designers

Filipacchi Publications
November 2005 * ISBN: 1933231033 * $45.00
Description: In this large-format design book, Michael Lassell, who has been an editor of the magazine since 1992, goes behind Metropolitan Home's gorgeous photos to explore how designers achieve their goals. The book looks at thirty-three modern homes, including houses, apartments and condominiums of every size and description.

Martin Pousson

Suspect Thoughts Press
November 2005 * ISBN: 0976341158 * $12.95
Description: "Here is the poet Louisiana has always wanted. Gulf Coast heat turns into huge trees and lush flora, which then turn into sex and dramatic dialogue. Desire so metamorphic inevitably slides toward hallucination. To convey experience at the edge, Martin Pousson has invented a new poetics that takes from the earlier art only its intense imagery and verbal economy. The few dozen pages of Sugar bring a tragic and sensuous bayou mindscape unforgettably to life."--Alfred Corn, author of Stake and Contradictions.

Aaron Hamburger
Faith for Beginners

Random House
October 2005 * ISBN 1400062985 * $23.95
Description: Helen Michaelson, a respectable suburban housewife from Michigan, hopes a family trip to Israel will help her reclaim her confused, rebellious son. Instead, their pre-packaged vacation takes an unexpected turn that surprises them all.

Thomas Woolley

Suspect Thoughts Press
October 2005 * ISBN: 0976341123 * $12.95
Description: "Both cheery and cantankerous, the stories and rantings of Toilet are linked by a battery-acid tone and a smart, atomic energy. Thomas Woolley is a wholly engaging original, and injects his humor with equal parts horror and sad, eerie nostalgia."--Scott Heim, author of Mysterious Skin.

Justin Chin
Attack of the Man-Eating Lotus Blossoms

Suspect Thoughts Press
August 2005 * ISBN: 0974638889 * $16.95 Description: "A decade of performance art prose settles restlessly, hilariously, potently, and poignantly onto the pages of this collection of poet and memoirist Chin's live appearances; good stuff, and, best of all, he's not afraid to critique his own work, in a series of insightful introductions to each piece."--Richard Labonté, Books to Watch Out For.

Kevin Killian ed.
The Wild Creatures: Collected Stories of Sam D'Allesandro

Suspect Thoughts Press
August 2005 * ISBN: 0976341115 * $12.95 Description: “For years I’ve scoured used book stores for copies of Sam D’Allesandro’s work, buying up what I could find and passing it on to friends with the injunction: Read this. The Wild Creatures is more than the resuscitation of a brilliant, out-of-print writer. It’s that rarest of things: a true literary event.”--K.M. Soehnlein, author of You Can Say You Knew Me When.

Wendell Ricketts, ed.
Everything I Have Is Blue: Short Fiction by Working-Class Men About More-or-Less Gay Life

Suspect Thoughts Press
August 2005 * ISBN: 0974638897 * $16.95
Description: A rich and long overdue contribution to working-class studies and LGBTIQ fiction. Contributors include Timothy Anderson, Rane Arroyo, Keith Banner, James Barr, C. Bard Cole, CAConrad, Marcel Devon, Dean Durber, Rick Laurent Feely, John Gilgun, Rigoberto González, Jim Grimsley, Ryan Kamstra, Christopher Lord, Alfredo Ronci, Jan-Mitchell Sherrill, and Royston Tester.

Katherine V. Forrest
Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World of Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950-1965

Cleis Press
June 2005 * ISBN 1-57344-210-0
Description: In the overheated prose typical of the genre, this collection documents the emergence of a lesbian subculture in postwar America with excerpts from the novels of twenty-one classic lesbian pulp authors, including Ann Bannon, Vin Packer, Paula Christian, Valerie Taylor, and Brigid Brophy.

Richard Labonté
Best of Best Gay Erotica 2

Cleis Press
June 2005 * ISBN 1-57344-213-5
Description: Editor Richard Labonté brings together the most daring, intense, and memorable stories from the past five years of the Best Gay Erotica series, with pieces by such celebrated authors as Simon Sheppard, JT LeRoy, Matt Bernstein Sycamore, and Andy Quan.

Tristan Taormino
Best of Best Lesbian Erotica 2

Cleis Press
June 2005 * ISBN 1-57344-212-7
Description: The best stories from the second five years of the Best Lesbian Erotica series. These stories look for the edge of lesbian desire, and trace it in rich, believable detail. Contributors include Cecilia Tan, MR Daniel, Cara Bruce, and Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Tristan Taormino
Hot Lesbian Erotica

Cleis Press
June 2005 * ISBN 1-57344-208-9 Description: Tristan Taormino, the biggest name in lesbian erotica, picks twenty-two tales of lesbian desire to send the mercury soaring. Lust, love, strip down, strap-on —- it’s all here.

Kim Wallace
Erik & Isabelle Sophomore Year at Foresthill High

Foglight Press
June 2005 * ISBN: 0-9755848-1-2 * $12.95
Description: This is not your parents' closet anymore. Welcome to the out and proud GLBTQ teen. Ripe with the angst and comedy that embody high school life, Erik & Isabelle triumph over family struggles, romantic crushes, and school bullies with resilience and humor. This is the second of a four-book series.

Edwin John Wintle
Breakfast with Tiffany: An Uncle’s Memoir

Miramax Books
June 2005 * ISBN 1-4013-5224-3 * $24.95
Description: A hilarious, poignant memoir of an obsessive-compulsive gay man who takes in his rambunctious thirteen-year-old niece.

E. M. Kahn
Deep Water, A Sailor's Passage

Haworth Press, Southern Tier Editions
Spring 2005 * ISBN 1-56023-517-9 * $14.95
Description: A compelling memoir of a modern day sailor that captures both the exhilaration and fear of being out on the seas. Technically accurate, it is also a moving love story of two men during the early years of the AIDS epidemic. Thoughtful, yet full of action.

Robert L. Giron, editor
Poetic Voices Without Borders

Gival Press
May 2005 * ISBN 1928589308 * $20.00
Description: An international collection of poetry with a edge on a variety of topics, with nearly 150 national as well as international well-known poets, including Antler, Greg Baysans, Alfred Corn, Jim Elledge, Jewelle Gomez, Walter Holland, George Klawitter, Raymond Luczak, Jeff Mann, Jaime Manrique, Ron Mohring, Kay Murphy, Kim Roberts, Gregg Shapiro, A. D. Winans, Gerard Wozek, Helen E. Wright, among many more.

D. Travers Scott
One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Suspect Thoughts Press
May 2005 * ISBN 0974638862 * $16.95
Description: Jake Barnes: the name of four identical brothers, all raised in rural seclusion by their identical, namesake father. From across the U.S. the brothers converge to find out if one of them is actually an outsider, but twisted lust, murderous secrets, and shifting identities threaten their lives along the way.

Richard McCann
Mother of Sorrows

Pantheon Books
April 2005 * ISBN: 0679411763 * $20.00
Description: (literary fiction) Mother of Sorrows presents ten interwoven stories of an American family starting out in the post–World War II suburbs of Washington, D.C., a world of identical brick houses and sunstruck, treeless lawns, of world of initial hopefulness from which shame and loss have seemingly been banished. The narrator looks back on this world thirty years later, the only survivor of a world of sorrow that has held him spellbound even as he has attempted to create a life of his own.

Brianne Friel and Robert L. Giron, editors
An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Women's Studies

Gival Press
March 2005 * ISBN 1928689294 * $25.00
Description: A solid college reader for women's studies which also includes a chapter by lesbian writer Teresa Bevin on homophobia in the classroom. Topics range from the personal to film to activism to poetry to philosophy.

Distant Shores, Silent Thunder

Bold Strokes Books
March 2005 * 1-933110-08-2 * $15.95
Description: Lesbian Romance. No matter how much we plan, life-and people-have a way of surprising us. For Doctor KT O'Bannon, a near-fatal tragedy derails a career leads to a torturous path between friendship and desire. Two women--and those who love them--are forced to examine the boundaries of love, friendship, and the ties that transcend time.

Craig Hickman
Fumbling Toward Divinity: The Adoption Scriptures

Annabessacook Farm
February 2005 * ISBN 0976246201 * $27.95
Description: An inspirational vision of love and spirituality, this one-of-kind, ambitious and stunning memoir chronicles the author's quest for his birth heritage and the aftermath. Part mystery, part history, part family saga, part divination, it bears witness to the transcendent power of spirit and love in an age of terror and madness, delivering an emotional intensity that fiction can hope to achieve.

Ali Liebegott
The Beautifully Worthless

Suspect Thoughts Press
February 2005 * ISBN 0974638846 * $12.95
Description: The Beautifully Worthless is a brilliant novel in verse about a runaway waitress and her Dalmatian, Rorschach, who leave Brooklyn to find hope in a town named Camus, Idaho. This is some of the most exquisite poetry ever written about love and heartache and madness and crushes gone far askew.

Emanuel Xavier, ed.
Bullets & Butterflies: queer spoken word poetry

Suspect Thoughts Press
February 2005 * ISBN 0974638854 * $16.95
Description: Bullets & Butterflies features vibrant, sexy, and shocking new poetry focused on sexuality, gender, class, race, religion, and politics by Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, Regie Cabico, Staceyann Chin, Celena Glenn, Daphne Gottlieb, Maurice Jamal, Shane Luitjens, Marty McConnell, Travis Montez, Alix Olson, Shailja Patel, horehound stillpoint, and Emanuel Xavier.

Dave King
The Ha-Ha

Little, Brown & Co.
January 2005 * ISBN 0316156108 * $23.95
Description: Howard Kapostash has not spoken since a head injury suffered as an infantryman in Vietnam, but as The Ha-Ha progresses he is forced to reconsider both the cost of war and possibility of life. The Chicago Tribune says King “achieved the nearly impossible by writing about grim circumstances without writing a grim book, while The New York Times says The Ha-Ha “establishes King as a writer of consequence.”

Edmund Miller
The Go-Go Boy Sonnets: Men of the New York Club Scene

January 2005 * ISBN 1-59299-039-8 * $ 24.95
Brief Description: The Go-Go Boy Sonnets celebrates icons of gay New York, telling their stories with humor, honesty, yet respect. It relates real-world lives to performance, depicting interaction with patrons to emphasize that there is more to the men than beauty. Each man is represented by a sonnet and a biographical note.

Francisco Ibáñez-Carrasco
Killing Me Softly: Morir Amando

Suspect Thoughts Press
December 2004 * ISBN 0974638811 * $16.95
Description: Ibáñez-Carrasco introduces us to a vision of the urban queer never glimpsed in advertisements for tight shirts and designer jeans. If you scraped the rainbow paint off your pride rings with a dirty thumbnail, you would find Francisco's world, skillfully rendered and beautifully imperfect.

Change of Pace: Erotic Interludes

Bold Strokes Books
December 2004 * 1-933110-07-4 * $14.95
Description: Twenty-five hot-wired scenes -- sharp-edged erotica guaranteed to satisfy ... no matter what the pleasure.

Will Roscoe
Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love

Suspect Thoughts Press
December 2004 * ISBN 0974638838 * $16.95
Description: Whether discussing early Christianity, Plato's Symposium, the rites of shamans, or the myths of ancient Mesopotamia, Roscoe uncovers fresh insights at every turn. He builds a persuasive argument that mysticism and gay love are powerfully connected, and that this connection forms a hidden tradition in the history of Western religion.

Bernard Amador
To Know A Fallen Angel

October 2004 * ISBN 141849822X * $11.50
Description: This true coming of age story about a boy's struggle not to become a sexual predator explains what happened to the mind of an abused child, takes its readers on an expedition through the mind of a sexual predator, and shows that triumph over sexual abuse is possible.

Beverly Burch
Sweet to Burn

Gival Press
October 2004 * ISBN 1928589235 * $15.00
Description: Winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award and a Lammy finalist for best Lesbian Poetry, this book is emotionally packed with lyric intensity but its scope is novelistic.

Marshall Moore
Black Shapes in a Darkened Room

Suspect Thoughts Press
October 2004 * ISBN 097463882X * $16.95
Description: Black Shapes in a Darkened Room is a collection of witty, visceral, and darkly imaginative short fiction from the author of the novel The Concrete Sky. Revenge and eroticism, humor and despair, the supernatural and the everyday. Marshall Moore draws new contour lines and makes new connections in this nighttime map of the human soul.

Royston Tester
Summat Else

Porcupine's Quill
October 2004 * ISBN 0889842574 * Ca $16.95
Description: Debut collection of short fiction from award-winning Canadian author. Mischievous, witty linked stories about a young Englishman, too queer and too clever to be a working-class lad from Birmingham, the polluted heart of England. "The writing is stripped and clean and so spare it almost shines." (John Metcalf)

Greg Wharton and Ian Philips, eds.
I Do/I Don't: Queers on Marriage

Suspect Thoughts Press
September 2004 * ISBN 0974638870 * $16.95
Description: I Do/I Don't collects a diverse group of over 140 contributors on the subject of marriage. Stars and ordinary Janes. Saints and sinners. Anarchists and poets. Journalists and dreamers. Personal essays, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, vows, rants, love letters, and sermons. In favor and against. All valid. All from inside the community.

Jim Elledge
Masquerade: Queer Poetry in American to the End of World War II

Indiana University Press
August 2004 * ISBN 0253216346 * $24.95
Description: Beginning with a section of texts from pre-colonial Native America and Hawaii, Masquerade offers representative work by over 100 poets--male and female, known and unknown--and reveals for the first time the rich heritage of poetry that, for the most part, has been heretofore hidden.

Blair Mastbaum
Clay's Way

Alyson Books
July 2004 * ISBN 1555838197 * $12.95
Description: Described by John Rechy as a gay Catcher in the Rye, Clay's Way is a story of a 15-year-old skater Sam and the 17-year-old Clay. Bored with his middle-class existence, Sam becomes obsessed with the cool and mysterious surfer boy, Clay. But things are never as easy as they appear.

Dodie Bellamy
Pink Steam

Suspect Thoughts Press
June 2004 * ISBN 0-9746388-0-3 * $16.95
Description: Bounding from autobiography to Oscar Wilde to King Kong to the booze-addled body of Judy Garland, Bellamy's anarchic imagination sends the cozy pieties of linguistic form through a blender, suturing the results into something perversely original. If anyone can drag the sleeping, stagnant beast of contemporary literature into the future, she can.

David Carter
Stonewall: The Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution

St. Martin's Press
June 2004 * ISBN 0-312-20025-0 * $24.95
Description: Based on hundreds of interviews and access to previously sealed files, Stonewall is the definitive account of the Stonewall Riots, now widely acknowledged as the beginning of the modern gay rights movement. Dispelling long held myths and misinformation, Stonewall reveals the truth behind the times, the places and the riots themselves.

David Boyer
Kings & Queens: Queers at the Prom

Soft Skull Press
May 2004 * ISBN 1932360247 * $24.95
Description: Kings & Queens gets at the queer heart of an American rite of passage and captures what it's like to grow up gay, bi, trans or utterly confused. Packed with more than seventy years of stories and pictures, this visual and oral history simultaneously explores the evolution of gay rights and teen culture.

Patrick Califia
Mortal Companion

Suspect Thoughts Press
May 2004 * 0-9710846-9-6 * $16.95
Description: Patrick Califia has crafted a lush and passionate tale of bloodlust, ennui, and immortality, fairly crackling with the erotic energy and gender bending that only lurk sedately beneath the surfaces of tamer vampire novels. This is Anne Rice on ecstasy, with all the stops pulled out!

George Ilsley
Random Acts of Hatred

Arsenal Pulp Press
May 2004 * ISBN 1-55152-152-0 * $16.95
Description: George K. Ilsley explores the thin line between love and hate, and the outer parameters of desire that can both heal and destroy. Random Acts of Hatred infiltrates the dark confines of young men undone by self-loathing and the powers-that-be, and asks: What happens when people know they are hated?

Aaron Krach

Alyson Publications
May 2004 * ISBN 1555838545 * $14.95
Description: 18-year-old Adam is lost in L.A. circa 1999. His depressed single dad is dead and now a handsome police officer is entering the scene. "Funny, romantic, surprising, and totally original."--Edmund White.

Fated Love

BookEnds Press
May 2004 * ISBN 1932667148 * $18.99
Description: Amidst the chaos and drama of a busy emergency room, Quinn Maguire, a dashing young trauma surgeon, and her new boss, Honor Blake, must contend not only with the fragile nature of life, but also with the mysteries of the heart and the irresistible forces of fate.

Lesléa Newman (illustrated by Peter Ferguson)
The Boy Who Cried Fabulous

Tricycle Press
April 2004 * ISBN: 1-58246-101-5 * $15.95
Description: (children's book) Roger is so overwhelmed by all the fabulous things he sees, he never gets anywhere on time. In desperation, his parents ban the word "fabulous" from his vocabulary. But Roger's spirit cannot be squelched! Soon he shows his parents the most fabulous thing of all--simply being yourself.

Tom Dolby
The Trouble Boy

Kensington Books
March 2004 * 075820616X * $23
Description: In this debut novel, 22-year-old Toby Griffin is living the Manhattan party life, but what he really desires are a boyfriend and fame as a screenwriter. He's on the edge of stardom when he's forced to choose between his dreams and his humanity.

Stanley Ely
In the Steps of Mister Proust

GLB Publishers, San Francisco
March 2004 * 1-879194-47-3 * $16.95
Description: This first person novel is told by an 18-year-old freshman at Columbia University who aspires to become a writer, studies and identifies with the narrator in Proust, struggles to relate to his father who left home for a male lover, and experiments in deciding if he himself is gay.

Aaron Hamburger
The View from Stalin's Head

Random House
March 2004 * ISBN 0812970934 * $12.95
Description: This debut collection features ten lucid, haunting, and darkly comic stories about Americans and Europeans in post-Cold War Prague.

Michael Luongo
Between the Palms

Harrington Park Press (Haworth Press)
March 2004 * ISBN 1-56023-416-4 * $16.95
Description: Between the Palms is a collection of intelligently written travel erotica, whisking you away to the most exciting, sensual destinations on 6 continents. While the world is at war, the book proves the best cultural exchanges are the most intimate ones.

Randall Mann
Complaint in the Garden

Zoo Press
March 2004 * ISBN 1932023127 * $14.95
Description: Randall Mann's curiosity endeavors to discover, often ironically, the beauty of things in the world around him. Mann's poems invite readers into lush landscapes, sundry histories and a contemporary gay San Francisco populated by things and people loved and lost. Winner of the 2003 Kenyon Review Prize in Poetry.


BookEnds Press
March 2004 * ISBN 1932667067 * $17.99
Description: In the dark hours of the night, when passions rule and the barriers of convention are stripped away, two women are drawn together by power, passion and dark pleasures.

Justice in the Shadows

BookEnds Press
March 2004 * ISBN 1932667024 * $18.99
Description: A rag-tag team of dedicated cops and civilian cybersleuths struggle to uncover a pornography ring and expose its connections to a traitor within the police department in the third of the Justice series featuring Detective Sergeant Rebecca Frye and her lover, Dr. Catherine Rawlings.

Wayne Courtois
My Name Is Rand

Suspect Thoughts Press
February 2004 * 0-9710846-7-X * $16.95
Description: Sweatily detailed in its depiction of men driven over the edge, My Name Is Rand is a bondage epic, a horror comic, and a totally original speculation on the nature of time and consciousness.

Lesléa Newman (illustrated by Ronald Himler)
The Best Cat in the World

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
February 2004 * ISBN 0-8028-5252-1 * $16.00
Description: (children's book) Victor, his mom and their cat Charlie are a family. When Charlie dies, Victor is too sad to get a new cat but eventually a kitten named Shelley teaches him that every cat is "the best cat in the world." A welcome addition to the growing body of literature about alternative families in everyday situations.

Trish Shields

Baycrest Books
February 2004 * ISBN 0972845011 * $17.95
Description: Chicago firefighter Dray Khalkousa forms a deep connection with a homeless woman and they discover there is more to their bond than they could ever imagine. Both women struggle with a painful past to forge ahead and create a new future together.


iUniverse Star
January 2004 * ISBN 0595297145 * $19.95
Description: Damages is a saga of a young man caught in the political crossfire of a country torn apart by Communism, Christian nationalism, and Islamic fundamentalism. It is one man's fight to find his true identity, sexuality, and freedom in an oppressive society and system.

Trish Shields
Spirit Harvest

Dare 2 Dream Publishing
December 2003 * ISBN 097168287 * $15.00
Description: Spirit Harvest is Trish's second book of poetry. She was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for her book 'Soul Speak' in 2001. Spirit Harvest merges erotica with mainstream poetry to make for a unique collection.

Trish Shields

Baycrest Books
December 2003 * ISBN 0972845011 * $17.95
Description: Chicago in the summertime can be a tinderbox. Dray Khalkousa, a firefighter from a local fire hall meets Abby Deam and what starts as an ardent affair soon deepens into a soul connection that neither woman can explain or deny. As the layers that hide the tormented heart and soul of the firefighter are slowly peeled away, Abby realizes that she's not the only one who needs saving.

Ellis Avery
The Smoke Week: Sept. 11-21, 2001

Gival Press
October 2003 * 1-928589-24-3 * Price: $15.00
Description: Avery's turn de force memoir aims to take the events of 9/11 away from warmongers. "Ellis Avery's personal story of a few days in September, 2001, gives expression to our national suffering. Here is Witness. Here is Testimony."--Maxine Hong Kingston.

Perry Brass
The Substance of God, A Spiritual Thriller

Belhue Press
October 2003 * 1-892149-04-4 * $13.95
Description: What is "God"? Murdered gay bio-researcher Leonard Miller is revived by a substance Christian fundamentalist terrorists insist belongs to God. Amidst a web of fanatic intrigue, Miller asks: is our often-censored urge towards sex and towards God ... the same urge? "Good light reading." Richard Labonte, Book Marks. Also a 2004 Lambda Literary Award nominee.

David Garrett Izzo
A Change of Heart

Gival Press
October 2003 * 1-928589-18-9 * $20.00
Description: "Here are the young Christopher Isherwood, Wysten Auden and Stephen Spender, as well as the celebrated Aldous Huxley and D. H. Lawrence...Izzo creates the lives and loves of young and established writers and artists, along with their artistic, philosophic and political battles."--James J. Berg.

Ian Philips
Satyriasis: Literotica²

Suspect Thoughts Press
October 2003 * 0-9710846-5-3 * $16.95
Description: In Satyriasis, Ian Philips kidnaps Flaubert, Mark Twain, and the Marquis de Sade. He stuffs them in the trunk of his getaway car with a bottle of lube and a wooden paddle. Then he drives them cross-country. His voice is smart, funny, and totally filthy. Yum.

Myles Weber
Middlebrow Annoyances: American Drama in the 21st Century

Gival Press
October 2003 * 1-928598-20-0 * $20.00
Description: Weber provides insight and wit about Albee, Kushner, David Mamet, among others. "In these beautifully written and provocative pieces. Myles Weber introduces us to and writes knowledgeably about a wide range of American and English plays and playwrights."--Jackson R. Bryer. Martha Cornog The Big Book of Masturbation: From Angst to Zeal Down There Press August 2003 ISBN 0-940208-29-6 $22.00 Description: Unique mix of myth-busting fact and multi-disciplinary ideas about masturbation throughout history and culture, compiled with savvy analysis and entertaining commentary. Couples intriguing quotations from some surprising sources in scholarship and literature with contemporary history and trends. Includes notes, bibliography, and glossary.